The trade deadline has come and gone…

…and no Roy Halliday. No anybody.

There is no news of the Rangers being involved in any trades. Apparently, Toronto wanted 4 prospects/players for Halladay, including Derek Holland and Justin Smoak. Julio Borbon and Tommy Hunter’s names were also supposedly mentioned, but I don’t know if they wanted all 4 of those guys together or if those were just a few of many names that were thrown around. But apparently, the Rangers said “No way, absolutely not” to giving up Derek Holland. I don’t see how the Rangers could consider handing over both Holland AND Hunter, since both are in our starting rotation, and we would only be getting 1 starter in return. Who would be our 5th starter if we gave up both of our stellar rookies? {ugh} I shudder to think of the ramifications of a deal like that. So, I’m REALLY GLAD they didn’t made a trade.

I’ve been watching/listening to’s “Trade Deadline Live” coverage for the last few hours, and I just heard Ken Rosenthal say that the Blue Jays’ shot at getting the best deal for Halladay would have been before this deadline. But I guess they must not think so. Anyway, who knows if we’ll be talking about Roy Halladay again in August or in the off-season trade talks? Maybe this will be one of those things where, a few years down the line, we say “hey, remember when the Rangers were talking about giving up [insert prospect’s name here] for Roy Halladay?” “I’m so glad we didn’t do that” or “Man, I wish we could have done that!” Only time will tell.

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