I had the privilege of going to the game last night, and I was absolutely blown away! I knew that after the previous game, the Rangers would really work hard for the win last night. But I don’t think anyone could have predicted what happened!

Derek Holland
*5 (yes, that’s FIVE) home runs by the Rangers (2 by Michael Young)
*8 2/3 total innings pitched by Derek Holland
*4 2/3 perfect innings by Dutch before he allowed the first hit
*Only 2 hits and 1 walk allowed by Holland all night
*10 strikeouts by Holland
Derek Holland
So, obviously, Derek Holland was the champion last night. And I take back everything I said about him needing to go back to AAA to mature. That was the logical assumption before last night, but he showed everyone in his outing last night that the diamond may not be as rough as we originally thought. I’ll bite the bullet and admit it: I was too hard on the kid. I was too quick to judge. Not that this one outing completely erases all of his previous problems, but he showed last night for the first time that he’s truly ready for the majors. Obviously we can’t expect him to perform like that every single time he starts now, but it was amazing to see what kind of untapped potential he has!
Derek Holland
I really hope this gives everyone involved in the Roy Halladay trade talks some serious pause. Toronto had some scouts at last night’s game to check out Holland, and I’m sure they’re really salivating now. But I hope the Rangers aren’t too quick to hand over Derek Holland in a deal for Roy Halladay. The trade deadline is at 3:00 today, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Oh man, it makes me sick worrying over which of our prospects they might be dealing away for Halladay! Focus, Katie!
My daily Chris Davis fix:
my husband
Days since CD has been in the majors: 26
We miss you Chris!

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