Game 2 loss against Twins

One of the very few downsides to a team that’s doing as well as the Rangers are doing right now is that when they actually do lose, it seems like it hurts more. I guess it’s because we’re not as used to losing this year. But when the Rangers lose a game, it’s like, “What?? They lost?”

Even though the Rangers weren’t able to notch another W, last night was still triumphant because of the return of Pudge. I’m still glowing about that. The news had apparently already spread, and there were fans with “Welcome Home Pudge” posters all over the place. Even though he didn’t play last night (he just sat in the dugout), the whole place looked to be buzzing with energy. It’s really sad that the Rangers couldn’t pull this one out. They are now tied with Boston for the AL Wild Card. The final score was 9-6.

Scott Feldman
Scott Feldman definitely didn’t have his best stuff, but he seemed to be doing pretty well with the stuff he did have for awhile. The Rangers leapt out to an early 5-0 lead after the bottom of the 3rd inning, helped in part by a 3-run homer by Ian Kinsler. Joe Mauer hit a solo home run in the top of the 4th, making it 5-1, but the game didn’t really start to unravel until the 6th inning. By the time Scooter left the mound, after getting the first 2 outs of the 6th inning, the Twins has evened up the score 5-5.
Wash finally got Feldman out of there and brought in Jason Jennings from the bullpen. And JJ promptly loaded the bases before getting the final out of the inning.
Omar Vizquel
The bottom of the 6th was pretty interesting, and the Rangers briefly re-took the lead (6-5) on a boneheaded move by Twins reliever Philip Humber. Omar Vizquel and Julio Borbon were both able to get on base with singles, and then Michael Young hit a soft ground ball back to the pitcher. And as Omar was heading into 3rd base, the pitcher tossed the ball to the man he assumed would be covering 3rd to try to get Omar out, or at least to hold Omar at 3rd base. But there was no one there. The ball went rolling away, and Omar was able to score.
mmm, Joe Mauer 🙂
Then Joe Mauer came up to the plate in the top of the 7th and hit another solo home run to tie the score up again (6-6). That guy is just unbelievable! Mauer went 3-for-5 last night, with an RBI single in addition to his 2 home runs in the game, bringing his RBIs up to 3 for last night (77 total this season). Seriously, his batting average for this season is .383!! Will you marry me?? I have a feeling that this guy will be breaking some of Pudge’s records in the near future.
Jason Jennings
After Mauer’s 2nd home run, JJ gave up a single, then got 2 outs, and then he gave up a 2-run homer to Delmon Young, bringing the score to 8-6. Doh!
And the Twins added another run in the top of the 8th, just to add insult to injury.
Well, I predicted yesterday that the Rangers would take 3 out of 4 games in this series, and we’ve already got our loss, so I guess we’ll be winning the next 2 games!
Things of note:
Hank Blalock
*Hank Blalock took a walk last night for the first time since July 10! Maybe Hank read my blog yesterday! He also had a triple in the game. It was so funny to watch Elvis Andrus in the dugout as Hank got that triple; he was grinning as wide as he could and jumping up and down just like a little kid! Classic!
Julio Borbon
*Julio Borbon had another 3 stolen bases last night, which accounted for half of the Rangers’ steals over the course of the evening. I guess Joe Mauer isn’t so great after all, huh? 🙂
Chris Davis
*Chris Davis reportedly has a hamstring injury. It’s not supposed to be serious, but he was out of the lineup in AAA on Monday, and he was the DH in last night’s AAA game. Could this be keeping the Rangers from bringing him back up? I know he’ll be here by September 1 at the latest, but I’d like to see him here sooner than that!
Kevin Millwood                                                                                                                        Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez
Tonight’s pitching matchup: Kevin Millwood (9-7) against the Twins’ Scott Baker (10-7). Well, Kevin Millwood’s supposed to be our ace, and the incomparable Pudge Rodriguez will be his battery mate tonight, so I don’t really see how we could lose. 🙂 Plus, like I said earlier, I predicted that we would take 3 out of 4, so we have to win!
My daily Chris Davis fix:
Chris Davis, a.k.a. my husband
Days since CD has been in the majors: 45
Originally published August 19, 2009

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