Last night, the Rangers game was the first game in a series of 3 games against the Cleveland Indians. And it was a very uninteresting game. Not because we lost the game, which we did, but because nothing really happened. The Indians scored all 5 of their runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning, and there were no runs scored by either team during the rest of the game. So, pretty much, there was a single half-inning of excitement. That was it.

Dustin Nippert
Dustin Nippert got his first start as an official member of the Texas Rangers’ starting rotation tonight, and he actually did a pretty good job. He had that one bad half-inning, but he ended up lasting a total of 6 innings with 10 strike-outs. Giving up 5 runs in a game is never good for a starting pitcher, but if the Rangers had been able to score 6 runs or more, this would have been called a stellar outing for Nippert. It seems like every time that we think the Rangers’ bats are waking up, they do something like this. Seriously?

So, in summary: both pitchers did a pretty good job, both offenses did a pretty bad job, Cleveland had 1 good inning. And that was about it.

What is it with the Rangers not being able to beat the bad teams? It’s like they only bring out their A game for the good teams. We should have creamed the Oakland A’s, but we lost the series. We should have stomped the Cleveland Indians, especially since they don’t have Cliff Lee anymore, but we couldn’t even score once last night. Yet when we went up against the Angels, who have a better record than us, we won 2 out of 3 games. We’re playing the Boston Red Sox this weekend, and I’m betting we’ll win that series too, because the Rangers always seem to step up their performance against the scary teams. They need to realize that every single game is important. Especially now, with only 50-something games left before the post-season. Maybe the Rangers don’t understand what they need to do in order to be contenders this year. I mean, we haven’t made it to the post-season since the 90’s, so maybe they forgot. {Sigh}

Tommy Hunter

Tonight’s pitching matchup: Our Tommy Hunter (4-2) against Cleveland’s Fausto Carmona (2-6). By the win-loss record alone, it looks like Tommy’s got this one sewn up. But this is Carmona’s 4th year of experience in the Bigs, whereas it’s Tommy’s first year. Although, to be fair, Carmona hasn’t spent 4 full years in the Bigs. The Indians sent Carmona back to AAA earlier this season, but after trading star pitcher Cliff Lee at the trade deadline, they called Carmona back up to take Lee’s spot in the rotation. Tommy’s also shown several times this year that he’s pretty darn good at bein’ a hoss. [Translation (for those of you who don’t live in the South): hoss=badass] I think Tommy can pull this one out. Well, at least I hope he can!

Tonight, Evan Grant and Inside Corner are hosting a “Rangers Watching Party” at Pappasito’s restaurant in Dallas. And Rusty Greer is supposed to come! He’s one of my favorite players from when I first got into baseball, when I was in middle school. He played with the Rangers for a long time, and he’s now in the Rangers’ Hall of Fame. I was excited when Evan told us about this on Monday, thinking it would be an exclusive thing. But yesterday, I saw it widely advertised on Evan’s website. And then the Rangers’ t.v. announcers, Josh Lewin and Tom Greive, talked about it on the broadcast last night. So now everybody and their dog is going to be there. I thought that my dad was as excited as I was, but I think he’s gonna bail on me because he thinks too many people are coming. And he’s probably right. So now, if I go, I’ll have to go by myself. Daddy said, “Hey, maybe you can meet a guy there!” Thanks, Dad.

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