Newberg book signing, a.k.a. meeting TR  Sullivan

Oh… my… gosh!!! Thursday night was amazing!
Chris Davis 
Daddy and I arrived at Sherlock’s in Arlington at about 5:55 to get autographs for our copies of Jamey Newberg’s 2010 Bound Edition. The signing was slated to start at 6:00.

But next year, I’m taking off a half-day from work so that I can get there extra early just to get in line. Because it was ridiculously crowded.

Rusty Greer, Ian Kinsler, Derek Holland
There were 600 people there.
Six hundred
That’s a lot of people for one restaurant. Daddy and I got there at about 6, like I said, but we didnt make it up to the stage to get our autographs until 8:30. Two and a half hours standing in line. And we’re both crippled!!
Rusty Greer, Derek Holland, Tommy Hunter, Jamey Newberg
Well, not crippled, but I’ve had my pelvis broken in 3 places (which is no fun, let me tell you) and Daddy is considered 50% disabled due to an injury he got while he was serving in the Navy in Vietnam.

So needless to say, we’re both hurting the next day. But it was sooooo worth it!

Chris Davis. Isn’t he pretty?? Ugly hat though.
By the time we even made it into the main dining room, Scott Feldman had already left. No bueno! So I didn’t get his autograph. But I got Jamey Newberg, Tommy Hunter, Chris Davis, and Ian Kinsler’s autographs!

I already had Derek Holland and Rusty Greer’s autographs. I had Jamey sign the book (cause he wrote it… duh), and I had all the players sign baseballs.

me with Rusty Greer

Then I got a picture with Ian Kinsler, Rusty Greer, Derek Holland, Tommy Hunter, and Chris Davis. The picture of me with Rusty came out the best!

And on top of all that, I got to meet TR Sullivan!

Tommy Hunter and me
He commented on one of my blogs a few months ago, but when I sent him an email, he never responded. So last night when I saw him, I asked him if that was really him who commented on my blog. And he said that yes it was him, and he apologized profusely for not responding to my email.
me with Chris Davis
I was just glad to find out that TR Sullivan actually read my blog and that he really liked it!

He told me to email him today and remind him about who I was, and that he’s put a link on his blog. And I was sooo excited about that!

Chris Davis, Jamey Newberg, Derek olland, Tommy Hunter
But it got even better from there!
Today I checked his blog, just to see if he said anything about the book release party last night. And he mentioned me… by NAME… three times!!!

Derek Holland, Chris Davis, Tommy Hunter
He was first talking about the people he met last night, including “Katie and her father,” (that’s me).

Then he flat-out said “this is Katie’s blog. Check it out” and he posted a link. And I’ve had 500 hits just today!!!

Ian Kinsler and me
Then he ended the blog saying “one day there might just be a little magic in the air at the Ballpark in Arlington. If Katie can do it, the Rangers might just do it as well.”
BAM!!! How cool is that??
me with Derek Holland
Then he posted a comment on my blog saying that I should email him because he wants to talk to me about something. Hmm… interesting! Stay tuned!



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