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My article on the Texas Rangers’ webpage



  1. raysrenegade

    That was an amazing story.
    I truly hope and wish the best for you in 2010, and hope that the Texas Rangers can bring even more smiles and great time for you in 2010.
    Things happen for a reason, and I am glad you came back from that accident and greet the day with a smile.
    The best memories and laughter on this holiday season.

    Rays Renegade

  2. bertus

    A lot of respect to you! A really amazing story!
    I have been bourn and raised in The Netherlands and for a couple of years right now, I have been falling in love with the Texas Rangers! The warmest team of all!
    Hopefully there is a chance that we could get in touch and talk about our love for the Rangers!
    My e-mail is:

    Have yourself a merry little christmas!


    You have an inspiring story, and I much enjoyed reading it.

    My sister in law graduated A&M in 1984. She also, was in a traffic accident – her accident on 12-26-02. She suffered paralysis. Sadly, she died on Aug 31 of this year (but not from her paralysis). She was inspiring. She rolled her wheelchair to her Middle School and returned to teaching classes. (info about my sister in law via clicking her photo at my blog:

    My mom had a brain aneurysm in 2006. Excepting a few quirks (for instance: she now hates statistics), she recovered completely! Amazing. She was in the top 10% of recovery scenarios. She, also, spent time at Baylor Rehabilitation, and she did neuro recovery at Pate.

    I spent a lot of time around both Baylor Rehab and Pate. Like you, I learned interesting things about brain recovery. The brain is so complicated and miraculous. Learning about the brain reminds me that God’s capabilities are far beyond my comprehension. Something I love about the brain is that other parts of the brain will (temporarily?) take over functions which damaged parts of the brain are unable to perform. Amazing.

    Anyway, your story inspires me. Thanks for that. Best luck. Go Rangers.


    Hi Katie. I recently had my own t-bone accident, but fortunately mine was not as bad as yours. I only suffered two broken ribs, a gash on my forehead that required 12 stitches, and many bumps and bruises. Still, I know that my accident could have been much worse, and I feel lucky to be alive. I think that God was sending me a wake-up call because my aggressive driving was going to cause an accident sooner or later. If my wife had been in the passenger seat, she probably would have died because the passenger side of my car was totally destroyed. So I think that God was telling me to straighten up before I caused harm to others.

    My accident also made me realize how precious and short life really is, so I recently got back in contact with my father, who I had not spoken to in over 6 years. So just like my accident happened for a reason, I can’t help but think that there had to be some reason for your accident, too. I know that it can be hard to try to find the reason why sometimes, but that does not mean that the reason is not there. From now on, when I start to get angry behind the wheel of a car, all I will have to do to calm myself down will be to look at my forehead scar in the rearview mirror.

    I am not a very religious person, and I have never been one, but I do strongly believe in God because there have been many things that have happened in my life that obviously happened for a good reason. So my advice to you would be to not to give up on God because he probably has not given up on you. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with us. And GO RANGERS!


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