Cleveland Massacre

Umm, did you guys see that game last night? It was pretty awesome.

After winning 2 out of 3 in Tampa Bay, it was incredible to see the Rangers stroll into Cleveland yesterday and continue their recent road success.

Before last night’s game, the Rangers were 11-15 in road games on the year. I’ve heard it said that as long as  team can take 2 out of 3 at home and go .500 on the road, they’re golden. Well, the Rangers are a bit under .500 on the road, but there’s still a lot of baseball left to be played this season.

And with last night’s win, the Rangers are still only 12-15 on the road so far. But the amazing thing about last night’s win is that before last night, Cleveland had a 19-6 home record.

So basically, nobody goes into Progressive Field and embarrasses the Indians on their own turf.

But the Rangers did. 🙂

And they did it using a spot starter because the regular starter, Matt Harrison, is dealing with a blister.

Can you tell that I’m proud of my boys? Maybe I’m over-playing the significance of last night’s game, but dang I’m happy!

How about Endy Chavez?? 4 for 4 with a stolen base and 2 runs scored last night. Wow.

And last night wasn’t an anomaly. Endy is hitting .415 since being brought up on May 14. Not to mention his solid job in center field.

When Julio Borbon comes off the DL on Monday, it’s a pretty safe bet that Endy won’t be going anywhere.

TR Sullivan mentioned last weekend that the Rangers might be looking to move David Murphy. When I read that, warning bells started going off in my head. “Uh-uh, they’d better not move Murphy!! They need to get rid of Julio!”

Then yesterday, I read an email from Jamey Newberg that proclaimed,

“From John Perrotto (Baseball Prospectus): ‘The Rangers would consider trading outfielder David Murphy for pitching help, though they would prefer to deal center fielder Julio Borbon.’

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Finally!!!

Yes, Julio is speedy on the bases and in the outfield. And he sometimes has a hot bat. But the kid has no arm!! A strong throwing arm is kinda important for a center fielder. Or for any outfielder, really.

Speaking of outfielders with great arms, how about Indians’ right fielder Shin-Soo Choo?? Freakin’ A, dude! He’s got a cannon strapped to his shoulder! He very nearly threw out Nelly Cruz last night from deep right field. I would love to see that guy in a Rangers’ uniform.

I’m excited to see tonight’s game. Hopefully the Rangers can continue their offensive prowess, and we’ve got Alexi Ogando on the mound tonight. Alexi is 5-0, and I want him to get to 6-0.

By the way, who would have guessed that Alexi would become one of the best starting pitchers in the Bigs? He was a decent bullpen guy, but he is absolutely lights out as a starter.

My next game will be on Tuesday against the Tigers, and I found out last week that they’re having fireworks for some reason. Sweet!!

I’ve already put in notice so that I can come in to work late on Wednesday. I don’t want to take any chances. I am going to see those fireworks!

Days ’til my next game: 4

Overall Rangers’ record: 31-26

My Rangers’ record: 6-1

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