All-Star voting

As part of my membership in the Baseball Bloggers Association, here are my votes for this year’s All-Star team.

AL: all Rangers (surprise, surprise)

1B: Mitch Moreland (If he doesn’t make it, I won’t be too upset because he’s a rookie. But he’s pretty stinkin’ great.)

2B: Ian Kinsler (Offensively he doesn’t really deserve it, but defensively he does.)

SS: Elvis Andrus (I mean, come on, Derek Jeter?? Please. Elvis is soooo much better! Asdrubal Cabrera might give Elvis a run for his money, though.)

3B: Adrian Beltre (Just amazing defensively. Unfortunately, A-Rod has a lock on this, I’m sure.)

DH: Michael Young (Michael certainly deserves it, but Big Papi might win in the votes.)

Catcher: Yorvit Torrealba (But Joe Mauer will probably win.)

OF: Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and David Murphy (Josh is certainly going, and Nelly should go, but Murph probably won’t. He’s not flashy, so people don’t tend to notice his awesomeness.)


1B: Albert Pujols (he’s just a stud, baseball-wise)

2B: don’t care

3B: don’t care

SS: don’t care

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez (of course)

OF: Marlon Byrd, Ryan Braun, and Andrew McCutchen (Marlon because of the Rangers connection and because he’s just awesome, Ryan Bruan because of the amazing effortless catch he made in the last All Star game, and Andrew McCutchen just because I like him.)

So if you haven’t voted for your major league All-Stars, you should definitely do that ASAP. If you don’t know who to vote for, please feel free to copy my ballot. 🙂 But no matter who you decide to vote for, just VOTE!

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