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Funny DMN comment

I was reading a post on the Dallas Morning News’ Rangers’ Blog today, and they were calling for people’s predictions during the Rangers’ upcoming series with the Minnesota Twins. A commenter named “Aardvark” posted the following comment, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious! You guys probably have no idea what all of this is about, because I only have a couple of readers anyway, and you guys don’t know about sports, but just in case:

Posted by Aardvark @ 1:58 PM Fri, Aug 28, 2009

The Rangers will win 2 out of 3.

Kinsler will have two home runs in the series and 12 pop-outs to the infield.

Pudge will pull a muscle crossing himself too quickly.

Joe Mauer will defy all odds and get 19 hits in just 13 at bats.

The home plate umpire will have to ask for help when he fails to see a pitch from Feliz.

Josh Lewin will relate Nick Punto to the Seinfeld episode about the Punto Mayo store.

Marlon Byrd will have to receive CPR after crashing into the center field wall and nearly suffocating after becoming entangled in the baggie.

Scott Feldman will just miss being hit in the face by a hard liner, saved only by the fact that he has no chin.

A beaned batter will charge the mound against Tommy Hunter and learn the definition of “Junior Olympic judo champion”.

Tom Grieve will once again get in trouble when he stumbles on the pronunciation of Jeff Manship’s name.

And speaking of Jeff Manship, his new bar will draw a totally different crowd than planned when he names it Manship Twinkie.

Oh my gosh, I literally laughed out loud several times when I read this at work today! I’m sure the lady who shares my office was thinking “What in the world is so funny?”

Evan Grant’s CD article

Evan Grant just wrote this article concerning Chris Davis, Hank Blalock, Ian Kinsler, Julio Borbon, Elvis Andrus, Jason Grilli, and Willie Eyre. Very good stuff. Go check it out!


CD update

I was checking one of the dozen or so baseball blogs that I read daily, and I saw this posting on “Foul Territory,” which is the blog by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

The latest on Chris Davis

Manager Ron Washington said every day the Rangers are trying to find a way to get him back with the team before Sept. 1, but nothing has worked. Washington said when Davis does re-join the team, he will do so as a first baseman, not the designated hitter. That will certainly cut into Hank Blalock’s playing time.

“We’re still looking to see how we can get him up here before, we just haven’t figured it out,” Washington said. “When Chris gets up here, he’s going to play first base. He’s not a DH. Hank will still do everything, but when Chris is playing, he’s going to play first.”

– Anthony Andro

No! Bring him up before September 1st!! If he’s not on the 25-man roster by August 31st, he can’t play for us in the playoffs! But I’m glad that at least Wash understands CD’s value on defense. I don’t know; it’s easy for me to sit here and say “oh yeah, if it was my decision, I’d do it this way.” But it’s not my decision. There’s a reason why Ron Washington in the manager, and not me. I mean, if I was the manager, I’d have to deal with sexual harassment lawsuits, due to the fact that I’d be ogling the players all the time. 馃檪 So, there’s that. Whatever, I trust that whatever Wash decides, it’ll work out.

Originally published August 22, 2009

Chris Davis Article

I’m apparently not the only one who is keeping tabs on Chris Davis. Richard Durrett, one of the main bloggers for the Dallas Morning News’ Texas Rangers’ Blog, interviewed CD before last night’s Oklahoma RedHawks game. And he’s looking pretty good (well, Chris always looks good, but you know what I mean). Check out the link:


At the end of the interview, he even thanks all of his fans for sticking with him! Aww, Chris, we weren’t just gonna abandon you in your time of need!!

Originally published August 21, 2009

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just heard the biggest news ever… even bigger than when I heard that they finally cut Vicente Padilla loose!!

Ivan Rodriguez Pudge, who was a Rangers catcher for 11 years from 1991-2002, who played for the Rangers all 3 times that they have gone to the post-season, who was the American League MVP in 1999, who has been a 14-time All-Star and a 13-time Gold Glover, who has been to the World Series twice since he left the Rangers, who is my absolute favorite player EVER – has just been acquired by the TEXAS RANGERS again!!!!!!

This is what it says on the Texas Rangers’ Official Webpage: “The Rangers have acquired Ivan Rodriguez from the Astros for two prospects. Pudge will be Texas’ backup catcher, and understands that Taylor Teagarden will be the starter.”
Oh my God… I absolutely cannot describe in words how excited I am about this. I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest! Pudge, you’re finally coming back home where you belong!!!
Seriously, you guys don’t understand. I adore baseball and the Texas Rangers, but I boycotted the Rangers for two years after they traded Pudge. My Daddy said there was nothing the Rangers could do about it, that Pudge was a free agent, and that he wanted to leave, but I would hear none of it. It just wasn’t Rangers baseball without Pudge. It was after I was in college that my dad finally convinced me that the Rangers had a totally new young team that was really good and I started to get back into it.
For the past several years, whenever Pudge’s team comes to Arlington to play the Rangers, I have to go. I went this year on June 17 to see the Rangers play the Astros, and I got to see Pudge catch his 2227th game, breaking the record set by Carlton Fisk for most games caught of all time. By any catcher EVER.
Here’s a summary of what Wikipedia says about Pudge:
Since his time with Texas, Pudge has played for the Florida Marlins, the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees (very briefly, thank God) and the Houston Astros.
When he made his big league debut with the Rangers in 1991, he was the youngest catcher in a majors at 19 years old.

No other catcher in the past 35 years of the majors has been as successful at catching basestealers, with Pudge throwing out 48% of attempted basestealers through May 2006.

In 1992, he started 112 games behind the plate and was the youngest player in the major leagues for the 2nd year in a row.
In 1994, Rodr铆guez led the American League in batting average among catchers, at .298. He caught Kenny Rogers’ perfect game on July 28, 1994.

He had his first multi-home run game in 1995, hitting both home runs off All-Star Roger Clemens.

In 1996, Pudge set an MLB record for most doubles by a catcher with 44 doubles over the season. He also set the MLB record for at-bats by a catcher in a single season that year, with 639.
With the Texas Rangers, he had a batting average of over .300 for 8 consecutive years, from 1995-2002.
He is one of only 9 catchers in the history of Major League Baseball to win the MVP award (which he did in 1999). In 1999, Rodr铆guez was also the first catcher to have more than 30 home runs, 100 runs batted in, and 100 runs scored in the history of Major League Baseball.
Pudge holds the distinction of being the first catcher in the history of the league to get more than 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in a season.
He is one of only six players who have concluded a 30-homer season with more homers than walks (34 HR, 24 BB).
In 2000, Rodr铆guez appeared in just 91 games, which was the fewest that he appeared in since his first season in the league, 1991. On July 24, Rodr铆guez suffered a season-ending injury in a game against the Anaheim Angels. While trying to make a throw to second base, his thumb made contact with the swing of Mo Vaughn’s bat. He fractured his right thumb and underwent surgery the next day. This injury caused him to miss the rest of the season.

Rodr铆guez returned to full action in 2001 and had another All-Star season. He was selected to his 9th straight MLB All-Star Game in a row in 2001, which tied the all time record set by Johnny Bench. He also tied Bench’s record of 10 straight Rawlings Gold Glove Awards in a row.

Pudge has been selected to the All-Star Team 14 total times, and he has 13 total Gold Gloves

Great article by Evan Grant

This is a very good article written by Evan Grant at D Magazine. Yeah, he’s that cool guy that I got to hang out with at the RoughRiders game on Monday and with Rusty Greer at Pappasito’s on Wednesday.


Newberg Report Night

I got this from the blog “Texas Rangers Trades” (http://texasrangerstrades.blogspot.com/). Apparently the blog writer got to go to some kind of press conference or something about the Rangers. It was called “Newberg Report Night,” referring to Jamey Newberg. I didn’t know they had a “Newberg Report Night.” Anyway, there was some great info:

Will Carroll and Kevin Goldstein (both from Baseball Prospectus) were the first guests and were already up there hanging out when we arrived, even though they weren’t supposed to start until 4:00. They started taking questions at about 3:00 and went for 90 minutes. Will was great as always. This was the first time I had met Kevin. Both of them seem to know everything that’s going on in baseball and they’re funny too.

Here are some of the questions that I asked and their answers:
Q: What was the strategy of the Mariners and Reds at the trading deadline, when they both traded prospects for veterans, and then traded veterans for prospects?
A: Mariners: They have a long-term strategy, and they think that the Mariners are way ahead of where they thought they would be, although Will and Kevin are still trying to figure out the Jack Wilson trade.
Reds: They don’t understand what the Reds did with getting Scott Rolen. They said that they are confused by it and that the Reds got him because they could for a reasonably cheap price, even though Kevin wonders what it does for the team.

Q: What was the most surprising trade to you?
A: The Jake Peavy trade because nobody saw it coming and there were no rumors whatsoever. They also said that it might be the best trade and that it came so quickly, they didn’t even talk to the medical people because apparently this deal got done in minutes.

Q: What teams do you think are best at starting pitching and relief pitching?
A: Starting Pitching: Red Sox and Giants
Relief Pitching: Brewers

Will and Kevin also said that if the Rangers traded Neftali Feliz, Tommy Hunter, Wilfredo Boscan, and Thomas Diamond, it would be about the equivalent of what the White Sox gave up for Peavy, and if the Rangers traded Wilfredo Boscan and Tommy Hunter, it would be about the equivalent of what the Tigers gave up for Jarrod Washburn. Kevin also said that he could see Justin Smoak and Kasey Kiker coming up to the majors around this time next year.

After the Will and Kevin Q&A, Jamey auctioned off some prizes, with proceeds going to the Hello Win Column Fund. They raised thousands of dollars, which was great. There were two items that were very exciting for me personally. First, I won an inning in the TV booth with Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve! That was awesome. Second, I had donated one of the items for auction (a baseball with autographs from a lot of different Rangers players) and it went for $200.

Then, at 5:00, Jon Daniels came in and did 90 minutes of Q&A. When Jon kicked off the Q&A he said ‘I typically open up with Grant but his questions are usually a little challenging so I’m going to warm up with a few others first.’

I was able to ask the following three questions:
Q: Can you please name 3-5 minor leaguers who are most likely to be called up and have an impact on this year’s pennant race, including at least one who’s not currently on the 40-man roster?
A: ‘A handful of guys have the chance to play some role for us either as part of a September call-up or earlier. I think guys like Julio Borbon, Doug Mathis, and Guillermo Moscoso have done nice jobs while they’ve been up here. I think (Neftali) Feliz is certainly an option. Esteban German has had a very good year for us. I think he has the chance to help us in some regard. He’d be a nice guy for any contending club to have on their bench down the stretch.’ (Note that Mathis and Feliz were activated for that evening’s game.)

Q: The Rangers have managed to remove a number of players from their 40-man roster over the last couple of years, get them through waivers, reassign them to the minors, and then repurchase their contracts later to help the major league team, like Nelson Cruz and Doug Mathis. Is there a key to the timing of these moves that increases your chances of keeping the player?
A: ‘Absolutely. Nelson Cruz cleared waivers right at the beginning of the season. That’s the toughest time to claim a guy on waivers just because you have your roster set, your big league club’s set, and you’re breaking camp. Unless it’s a slam dunk upgrade, everyone just says ‘hey, let’s go with our own’ rather than taking someone else’s discard. So I think that’s probably the easiest time to slide a guy through waivers. Mathis was a non-tender re-sign. In that situation, it’s basically explaining to the player the options and, if they agree to resign with you at that point, you can give them some things that they might not get as free agents. That’s more of a leverage situation than anything.’

Q: Can you name three Rangers prospects that are not on most people’s radars who have made their way onto your radar?
A: ‘I’ll put (Jurickson) Profar on there. I’ll put Leury Garcia on there, shortstop at Hickory. And I’ll put Tim Murphy on there.’

Other interesting comments from Jon in answer to questions:
路 After receiving a huge round of applause when someone thanked him for not trading some of the guys that were rumored to be traded, Jon said ‘I’ll do nothing more often. That was awesome.’
路 Jon was asked why he didn’t wait a month or so to promote Elvis so that he could keep control of him for an extra year. He said that they looked at it and talked about it but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. To tell Elvis that he’s the shortstop but that they were going to wait a few weeks because they wanted to exploit his arbitration eligibility didn’t feel right. There are certain times you make business decisions and separate your emotions from those decisions, but they were telling this 20-year old kid that they believed in him and he would be a big part of the club. Plus they were telling the players on the big league club ‘Hey, trust us on this’. He felt it would have been talking out of both sides of their mouth. They would rather deal with the financial consequences than create a potentially divisive situation.
路 When asked about the media not giving much coverage to the Rangers, he said that he doesn’t totally buy into it just being because Dallas is a football town. A lot of it is because the Rangers haven’t won to create the fan base and interest. He feels that the media will cover whoever the fans tell them to cover.
路 They’re still watching Ben Sheets to see if he’s an option for next year.
路 When asked if the starting center fielder for next year is in the organization, he said that candidates internally are Hamilton, Byrd, and Borbon. He feels that one of them will very likely be starting for the Rangers in center field next year.
路 When asked why Borbon was brought up earlier this year if he wasn’t going to play, Jon said that he doesn’t completely buy into the philosophy that you shouldn’t call a top prospect up if he isn’t going to play every day. He feels that Borbon got a lot out of the experience.
路 He typically goes out to see the A clubs once per year. He sees Frisco and Oklahoma City more often.
路 90% of trade rumors reported are inaccurate.
路 When asked who would be called up if Salty or Teagarden were hurt, Jon said that Max Ramirez would be recovered from his injury soon. Manny Pina would also be considered, especially since he’s Rule 5 eligible this year. Richardson and Frostad could also do the job in the short term.
路 Main internal candidates for the starting rotation next season are Kevin Millwood (he expects him to vest his option), Scott Feldman, Vicente Padilla (the club has an option on him), Matt Harrison, Brandon McCarthy, Derek Holland, and Tommy Hunter. Others in the mix are Neftali Feliz, Dustin Nippert, Guillermo Moscoso, and Doug Mathis. The position will be high on the list of priorities during the off season.
路 When asked if it bothers him when a player like Halladay doesn’t want to come to Texas, he said that it does a little bit but that it’s sort of like his answer about media coverage. The team needs to win first and then people will be more i
nterested in coming here.
路 The cost to put a dome on the ballpark is prohibitive plus the ballpark wasn’t engineered to facilitate something like that. There’s a company that said they can put a screen over the park to lower the temperature 10 degrees. But odds are that there’s really not a realistic option to help with the heat.
路 Benoit is throwing. There’s a chance he could be back in September but it’s unlikely.
路 People need to keep in mind that Josh Hamilton is still recovering from surgery.
路 They’re not trying to preach a philosophy of more pitches per plate appearance. He doesn’t think that it directly correlates to success. Getting a good pitch to hit is directly correlated to success.
路 They’ve discussed moving McCarthy to the bullpen to ease the strain on his shoulder. They’re focusing on a starter’s routine during his rehab, which allows them to go either way with it. He’s pitched in the bullpen successfully in the big leagues. It will depend on what their needs are when he’s ready to come back.
路 They’re not sure why Blake Beavan’s velocity is down but he’s 20 years old and time is on their side. They’re going to let him keep pitching and see if it improves.
路 He would be in favor of moving the deadline for signing draft picks up to June 30th. It would be a challenge to sign them quicker but it would let them have the rest of the summer to focus on other things and also let the players start playing and getting on with their development sooner.
路 Chris Davis is still very much in their plans. He will be a strong consideration for a September call-up, if not before then.
路 Eric Hurley’s on pace to be 100% for spring training.
路 Jurickson Profar will likely be developed as a position player not a pitcher. He thinks he’ll be one of the top shortstop position player prospects in the game.
路 He expects that Tanner Scheppers would start out higher than Low-A to start his minor league career.
路 Right now, Chris Davis is better defensively than Justin Smoak.

Yay for Chris Davis! At least they haven’t forgotten about him!

Last night’s game summary later. They lost right at the end… boo. BUT… Neftali Feliz awed everybody with a pretty spectacular MLB debut!

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