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Well, the Phillies are facing an uphill battle for the remainder of the World Series. The Yankees are leading the seies 3-2. Which means that the Phillies will have to win both remaining games, in New York, in order to win the World Series. That’s going to be tough.

They pulled out a beautiful win last night! At one point the Phillies were winning 8-2 over those dirty Yanks, but they came back to within 8-6 before it was all said and done. Cliff Lee was the starter last night, of course. The Phils just can’t lose with Cliff on the mound. The only problem is that he can’t pitch every day. So the Phillies are going to have to find another way to win games 6 and 7.

Yesterday (Monday), the Rangers conducted individual 2-hour interviews of the 4 finalists for the batting coach position. The 4 guys going up for the job are Rusty Greer, Thad Bosley, Clint Hurdle, and Gerald Perry. Bosley, Hurdle, and Perry all have experience as a batting coach, and Greer is a Rangers legend. I love Rusty Greer, and I would love to see him get a job with the Rangers, but I don’t know if he’s the best man for the job. It’s probably not fair for the Rangers to just play favorites. But we should get some news on this front before the end of the week. Yay!

The Rangers re-signed Kevin Richardson to a minor league contract last week, after releasing him from their 40-man roster. He’s a good guy, and I hope he can see some major league action (if we can find a place for him).

Tomorrow (Wednesday), I’m going to my very first hockey game ever! I’ve heard that going to a game is way different from watching it on tv. But I’ll have to miss watching Game 6 of the World Series. Thank God for Tivo!!

Not much other news to report. But I’ll let you know when I hear something!


I have billions of questions buzzing around in my baseball-obsessed mind, all of which will be resolved at some point during the off-season, but I feel the need to get them out. Then I can cross them off when they’ve been resolved and explain the answers. So here we go!
Ownership: Who will be the new owner of the Rangers? Will Nolan Ryan still be the team president? Will Nolan Ryan be a minority owner? Will Tom Hick stay on as a minority owner? Will new ownership affect (i.e. increase) our budget for the 2010 season?

Here’s what we know: There are 3 main groups, which are fronted by Chuck Greenberg, Dennis Gilbert, and Jim Crane. Greenberg’s group has included Nolan Ryan as a minority owner, so if he wins out, obviously Nolan will have a stake in the ownership and will stay on as president. But then again, it’s possible that if one of the other groups wins out, they’ll let him in as a partial owner. It is possible that the new ownership could fire Nolan as president, but I think that’s unlikely at this point. The fans love Nolan, and it wouldn’t make a good impression on the fans if their first move was to fire him. Tom Hicks has expressed interest in retaining a portion of his ownership as well, so we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. At this point, the budget for 2010 will be approximately the same as it was for 2009, so the new owners will have to meet that budget or increase it. It would be nice if we could have a little more leeway to get some big names to Texas for our playoff push next year.
Marlon Byrd: Will the Rangers re-sign him for 2010 and beyond?

Here’s what we know: Marlon says that he wants to stay with the Rangers. The Rangers want him to stay. He made a little over $3 mil in 2009, so he’ll want at least that much per year in his next contract. How much more is anybody’s guess. This is probably his only chance to negotiate a multi-year contract, and he’s probably wanting at least 3 years. But Marlon is already 32, so I’m sure the Rangers are anxious that health issues may mar his future playing time. And the Rangers don’t have a whole lot of money to throw around, so I’m sure that will affect how much progress is made towards contract negotion. But Marlon is a strong influence in the clubhouse, and Michael Young (team leader) is strongly campaigning for the Rangers to keep him. I think the Rangers will offer him something in the neighborhood of 4, 5, or 6 million dollars for the next 3 years, plus lots of incentives (i.e. bonuses if he plays at least x number of games, if he hits at least y home runs, or if he steals at least z bases, etc.). But if he wants something like $10 mil a year for 5 years, I think the Rangers will let him walk.
Ivan Rodriguez: Will Pudge be back?

Here’s what we know: The fans adore Pudge, and he said that he wants to finish out his career here. And even though he’s pushing 40, he’s still pretty darn good. He’s played on 2 World Series teams, and he has a lost of post-season experience (which the Rangers are seriously lacking). He has 13 Gold Gloves. But because of his age, the Rangers might be hesitant to offer him a multi-year contract, or to pay him a particularly hefty sum for 2010. Jarrod Saltalamacchia recently had surgery for Thorasic Outlet Syndrome, and while his prognosis looks good, there’s no telling how he’ll progress. Taylor Teagarden was unimpressive in 2009. Max Ramirez spent a lot of time on the DL in AAA. And the Rangers just outrighted Kevin Richardson to the minors. So it might be good to have him around. We acquired him as “strictly a back-up catcher” in August of 2009, but he ended up being our everyday catcher to close out the season. He made 1.5 mil in 2009. Will he accept $1 mil and a one-year contract? $5 million and a 2-year contract? We’ll see.
Omar Vizquel: Will he be back for 2010?

Here’s what we know: Omar has said that he wants to play next year, even though he’s the oldest active position player at 42 years old. He was a great mentor for Elvis Andrus in his rookie year (2009), but does Elvis still need him in 2010? He has 11 Gold Gloves, and his defensive work is truly beautiful. I swear, he looks like a ballet dancer out there sometimes! He played 63 games for the Rangers this year: 16 games at 2B, 27 games at SS, and 20 games at 3B, and he made NO errors. None, zippo, nada. That’s pretty amazing. He’s said he would be interested in returning, but he wants to shop around first.
Starting rotation: Which 5 pitchers will we go with in our starting rotation for 2010?

Here’s what we know: Ron Washington has already said that Kevin Millwood and Scott Feldman have guaranteed slots next year. But the other 3 are up for grabs. The possible candidates are: Neftali Feliz, Derek Holland, Tommy Hunter, Brandon McCarthy, Dustin Nippert, Matt Harrison, Eric Hurley, and Guillermo Moscoso. I discussed the pros and cons about all these pitchers in a previous blog. But Wash has also said he would like to obtain another veteran starter this winter. So if he does that, then there will only be two spots up for grabs, making the competition even tougher. But can we get anybody good for relatively little money? And of course, as we all know, our starting rotation can change a lot during the year due to injuries, etc. I mean, look at our poor rotation in 2009! On Opening Day, it was Kevin Millwood, Vicente Padilla, Kris Benson, Matt Harrison, and Brandon McCarthy. Matt Harrison and Brandon McCarthy both went on the 60-day DL, Kris Benson was a disaster, and we released Padilla because of all his foolishness. So you never know what can change throughout the season!
Acquisitions: Right-handed bat to play 1B and DH, left-handed relief pitcher

Here’s what we know: In addition to a veteran starter, Wash also said he’d like to pick up a right-handed bat who can play 1B or DH, as well as another lefty reliever. I’ve heard Jermaine Dye’s name brought up to fill that first role, and while he is right-handed, he has played mainly in the outfield. In 2005, he played 1B once and SS once for the Chicago White Sox. That’s it. But if we keep Marlon Byrd, we may not need another right-handed bat. CJ and Eddie are our only lefty relievers at this point, and Eddie’s probably not coming back (I’ll address that later), so it would be nice to have another one.
Batting coach: Who will replace Rudy Jaramillo?

Here’s what we know: Jon Daniels and Ron Washington are supposedly “constructing a list” of candidates to replace Rudy, and they plan on interviewing about 4 or 5 guys for the position. Some names that have been thrown around are Scott Coolbaugh (Rangers AAA batting coach), Rusty Greer (former Ranger), Will Clark (former Ranger), Julio Franco (managing in Mets farm league), Gary Pettis (currently our 1st base coach), Carney Lansford (fired by San Francisco last week), Clint Hurdle (former Colorado manager), Tim Wallach (Dodgers hitting coach in 2004), Thad Bosley (hitting coach in Oakland with Wash), Gerald Perry (hitting coach for Cubs, fired in June), Greg Colbrunn (minor league hitting coach for Yank
ees), Dave Hudgens (former A’s hitting coach), Mike Boulanger (Minor League hitting coach), and Toby Harrah (former Ranger, current hitting coach for Tigers). I’m sure there are a bunch of other names too that I haven’t heard yet. So obviously, there are a lot of choices. It’s just about finding a good fit.

Eddie Guardado: Is he really retiring?

Here’s what we know: He’s definitely thinking about it. But that’s about all we know. He didn’t pitch too well towards the end of the season, so as terrible as it sounds, I’m kind of hoping he retires. He’s a free agent, and I just don’t think it’s useful to pay him a significant amount of money for just one more year when he’s at the end of his career and losing his stamina.

Outfield: What will our outfield look like next year?

Here’s what we know: Marlon Byrd (righty) is a question mark. We have Josh Hamilton (lefty), Julio Borbon (lefty), David Murphy (lefty), and Nelson Cruz (righty). We also have Chris Davis (another lefty in the lineup) as our starting 1st baseman, and Salty is a switch hitter. So we could possibly have 5 left-handed bats in a 9-man line-up. That’s not so good. Borbon is rumored to be “the center fielder of the future,” but he has a weak arm. He’s supposed to be working on that this winter, but who knows? Josh Hamilton had a spectacular 2008, but he had trouble staying healthy this year. I don’t want to lose anybody, but I have this sneaking suspicion that we’re going to trade David Murphy. That hurts me, because he’s a good Texas boy, but I just can’t shake that feeling. And I have a feeling that Nelson Cruz could be great. I’m mean he could be Josh-Hamilton-in-2008-great. But what about Craig Gentry? He was the surprise September call-up from AA. It makes the most sense that he would at least begin next year in AAA, but it’s certainly an intriguing idea. He’s a righty, with an incredibly strong and accurate arm, and he’s supposedly speedy on the bases, but he needs to learn how to bat against big league pitching.

A quick sprinkling of information

*The Phillies won the NLCS last night, and they are going to the World Series

*Tonight is Game 5 of the ALCS, and the Yankees are up 3 games to 1 over the Angels. If the Yankees win any 1 of the remaining 3 games in the series, they will be going to the World Series. The Angels would have to win tonight’s game as well as the remaining 2 games in New York to advance. It’s not looking too good for the Halos. 😦

*Derek Holland went to Japan earlier this week to talk to Yusei Kikuchi, an 18-year-old pitching phenom. Kikuchi has to decide by October 29 if he wants to go into the Japanese draft (to play for a professional Japanese baseball team) or into the American draft.

*New ownership: Originally the consensus was that a deal wouldn’t be brokered until at least January 2010. But now the timetable has apparently been pushed up, because it’s looking like a deal could be finalized by the end of 2009. Jim Crane and Chuck Greenberg (2 of the 3 frontrunners to buy the Rangers) have both individually visited the ballpark and had a meeting with Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels, and Tom Hicks this week, so Dennis Gilbert is sure to follow.

*Jason Grilli and Kevin Richardson have been outrighted to AAA Oklahoma City. They both have already cleared waivers. The Rangers expect Jason Grilli to decline the assignment and become a free agent and go somewhere else, while Kevin Richardson could possibly re-sign a minor league contract with the Rangers. This adds 2 more open spots of the 40-man roster, along with the assumed vacancies left by Andruw Jones and Hank Blalock, who are not expected to re-sign with the Rangers, and Eddie Guardado, who might retire.

*Jarrod Saltalamacchia might play in the Dominican Winter League, in order to rehab after his surgery.

*The Surprise Rafters are tied for the lead in the AFL West (which consists of a grand total of 3 teams), with a win-loss record of 5-3.

Originally published October 22, 2009

report card

I checked T.R. Sullivan’s blog today, and he had a kind of report card for this year’s players. I agree with most of what he says, but we differ on a few things. This is his report card:

Kevin Millwood – Manager has already said he is the Opening Day pitcher in 2010
Scott Feldman – What an amazing season.
Derek Holland – This kid is going to be fine. Can’t wait for his next start.
Tommy Hunter – Tommy, meet Nolan Ryan, the resident conditioning fanatic.
Brandon McCarthy – The Big Tease. He has talent but at what point do the Rangers say uncle?
Matt Harrison – He was pretty good before he got hurt
Neftali Feliz – The Rangers will try him in the rotation. Bet he makes it
Dustin Nippert – His numbers will work every year
Guillermo Moscoso – Should be Opening Day pitcher at Oklahoma City

Frank Francisco – Needs warning label: handle with care.
C.J. Wilson – Most Valuable Reliever
Darren O’Day – Transaction of the Year
Jason Grilli – Wasn’t the same after he got hurt
Doug Mathis – Can he fill middle relief role?
Eddie Guardado – No finer person in baseball
Pedro Strop – Needs more time. Just not ready
Willie Eyre – Taking long road back from injuries

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Should still be No. 1 on depth chart
Ivan Rodriguez – Would you give him $4 million for two years?
Taylor Teagarden – Should have been in Triple A
Kevin Richardson – He is from Seattle area. He should have started one game this weekend.

Chris Davis – Only one other player is a bigger key for Rangers in 2010.
Ian Kinsler – Absolutely nothing wrong with 101 runs and 86 RBI.
Elvis Andrus – He lived up to it all
Michael Young – Turns out he can still hit…and play third.
Omar Vizquel – He has one definite vote for the Hall of Fame.
Esteban German – A nice fifth player if the Rangers had the room
Hank Blalock – Hank’s Homies bid you adieu. It was fun while it lasted.

Josh Hamilton – Obviously the biggest key for the Rangers in 2010
David Murphy – Forget Rusty Greer all right? Anybody think he can be Paul O’Neill?
Julio Borbon – Definitely the kind of player the Rangers desperately need
Nelson Cruz – He is a good player. Can he be a great one or is this enough?
Marlon Byrd – Loved watching him tell the rookies to turn off the football game on Sunday and turn on baseball.
Andruw Jones – Next.
Craig Gentry – Off to Triple A to bide his time.

My take:
Derek Holland: I wouldn’t say I “can’t wait” for his next start. I think if he works hard during the off-season, he can have a stellar year. He has a lot of untapped potential.
C.J. Wilson: I would not call him the most valuable reliever. I think with C.J., you never know what you’re gonna get.
Pudge: I don’t think it will take that much money. I think $3 million for 2 years, or if the Rangers aren’t sure how long he’ll last, then around $1.5 mil for 1 year.
Ian Kinsler: His runs scored and RBIs are good, but he needs to be more reliable. And, most importantly, he needs to work on his swing in the off-season and find out whyhe’s popping everything up!!!
Esteban German: I don’t think it’s an “if the Rangers have room” situation. I think they’ll definitely need a bench player who can step up if anyone gets injured, and who can spell all 4 infielders at regular intervals. He has played mainly 2B and 3B, but he has big league experience at SS and 1B as well. He’s a true utility infielder.
Josh Hamilton: I don’t agree that he’s “obviously the biggest key for the Rangers in 2010.” If he can perform, it will be great, but I don’t think we can depend on him to perform. You can never predict injuries. I don’t want to trade him, because I think he’s a great addition to a team, whether he can play or not. And when he’s good, he’s really good. But look what this Rangers team did this year without Josh Hamilton!
Julio Borbon: I wouldn’t say that the Rangers “desperately need” someone like Borbon. Borbon has a great OBP, and he’s excellent at stealing bases and manufacturing runs. But he’s got a weak arm for an outfielder, and he’s not good against LHP. Borbon is a lefty outfielder, and we already have Josh Hamilton and David Murphy that are left handed outfielders.
Craig Gentry: Gentry can be the perfect center fielder that the Rangers “desperately need” in 2011, but he needs more experience. If the Rangers decide to take a chance on Gentry like they did on Elvis, it could pay some amazing dividends. But I’m betting that the Rangers put Gentry in AAA all next year.
Marlon Byrd: I don’t know anything about the rookies watching football, but I think Marlon is the “biggest key for the Rangers in 2010.” We need him next year. Not only is he an amazing player, he’s a revitalizing force in the clubhouse.

Saturday, before the game

I went to the game on Saturday, even though it had been raining all day and didn’t seem to be letting up. I mean, come on, I had tickets; I had to go. And I just found out the other day (by emailing Richard Durrett with the Dallas Morning News) that they open the gates 2 hours prior to game time, while the Rangers are still usually taking batting practice on the field. So I was really excited to get to the ballpark right when the gates opened and get some autographs.

I showed up right at 5:00 with my dozen or so baseballs, and the gates were open, so I immediately ran down to the Rangers’ dugout to see if I could catch any players. The infield was still covered, because of the rain, and I guessed (correctly) that they weren’t doing batting practice. I met up with 2 guys that were standing there waiting for a David Murphy autograph, and we decided to divide and conquer. I waited on the 1st base side of the Rangers’ dugout (and I could actually see into the dugout), and they waited on the home plate side. I told them that if I saw David Murphy, I would wave my arms at them and let them know he was in the dugout.
David Murphy
And sure enough, here comes David Murphy. I started waving my arms at them, but they weren’t looking. So I cupped my hands around my mouth (because my voice isn’t very loud) and yelled “Hey! Guys!” One of them saw me and elbowed the other in the ribs, and they got David to autograph a game-used bat that they had bought. So yay, they got their autograph! And I helped! I didn’t mind that I wasn’t over there with them to also get a David Murphy autograph, because I already have an autographed baseball by him.

I decided to stay by the other side so I could see into the dugout, and also because players were going out to right field to warm up for the game, and so they had to walk right past me. I called out to each of them by name, but most of them just ignored me. Some said they had to go for right now, but that they would be back later to sign autographs. Yeah right.
Mike Maddux
So after standing in the rain for an hour and a half, I got a just 2 autographs. One was the pitching coach, Mike Maddux, and I think he just gave me an autograph because he was impressed that I would still want it even though he isn’t a player anymore. Apparently his little brother, Greg Maddux, was a 4-time Cy Young award winner. So he probably has a little bit of an inferiority complex, and he was just happy that I wanted his autograph. I don’t know; anyway, he was really nice.
Guillermo Moscoso
I also got pitcher Guillermo Moscoso’s autograph. I’m sure you’re thinking “who??” He’s a pitcher, and he’s gone back and forth several times this year between the Rangers and AAA. I think he gave me his autograph because he was impressed that I actually knew his name. And plus there was a cute little kid standing next to me. He was precious; maybe 7 years old, with red hair and freckles. They love that.
I saw Derek Holland and Brandon McCarthy and Scott Feldman and Neftali Feliz and Frank Francisco and Marlon Byrd and Warner Madrigal and Eddie Guardado, but they didn’t sign autographs. Punks! Matt Harrison signed some, but I wasn’t over where he was. And Kevin Richardson signed some (not near me), and of course David Murphy, who I already mentioned.
Chris Davis, a.k.a. my husband
Okay, are you sitting down? I almost got Chris Davis’ autograph!! He was signing for a group of people, and I was over there, like 4 feet away from him! But before he got to me he was like, “Okay, guys, I have to get ready for the game!” And he ran back to the dugout! And I’m standing there like ‘No, I love you, please!!’ Ugh. Just break my heart. But at least my husband was one of the nice guys who signed autographs for people.
I mean, come on, guys!! I stood in the rain for an hour and a half waiting for you. And you can’t get your butt out of the (relatively) dry comfort of the dugout to sign a dozen autographs? Who do you think you are??

Rangers updates

Okay, a lot of stuff has been happening with the Rangers lately, and I feel an obligation to share it with you, my legions of followers. [Oh, who am I kidding? My mom doesn’t even read this.]
Expanded Roster

I figured out some stuff about the expanded roster. They don’t have to bring up all 40 guys, but it is possible. So that means that they can have anywhere from 25 to 40 guys on their active roster. The Rangers decided to add the following 7 guys to their existing 25-man roster:

Brandon McCarthy
Eddie Guardado (pitcher, activated from the 15-day DL, already on 40-man)
Warner Madrigal (pitcher, already on 40-man)
Esteban German (infielder, already on 40-man)
Guillermo Moscoso (pitcher, already on 40-man)
Brandon McCarthy (pitcher, activated from 60-day DL, not on 40-man)
Kevin Richardson (catcher, not on 40-man)
Craig Gentry (outfielder, not on 40-man)

So the Rangers needed to find 3 spots on their 40-man roster to put these new additions. Well, actually, they only had 39 guys on their 40-man roster, after trading minor leaguer Jose Vallejo to the Astros as part of the  Pudge trade. So the Rangers needed 2 spots.  

Brandon Boggs
They put Brandon Boggs on the 60-day disabled list with a dislocated left shoulder, which opens up a spot. I had been wondering why Brandon Boggs and Greg Golson were passed over, even though they were already on the Rangers’ 40-man roster, in favor of Craig Gentry. This at least explains why Boggs wasn’t called up, but I still don’t know why they bypassed Greg Golson. If I figure that out, I’ll let you know.
Thomas Diamond
And in a surprising move, they designated AA pitcher Thomas Diamond for assignment to make another spot on the 40-man roster. I’ve mentioned Thomas Diamond before, when I explained the Rule 5 Draft. The Rangers had him on their 40-man roster to keep another team from drafting him, and then they just decide to hand him to the wolves on a silver platter?
Thomas Diamond was the Rangers’ Number 1 Draft pick in 2004, but he had to have Tommy John surgery, and he’s had a hard time recovering from that. The Rangers are trying to get him back through outright waivers, meaning that they’re just hoping that another team doesn’t take him (at least I think that’s what it means). But apparently, the Rangers don’t feel as protective over Thomas Diamond as they once did.

Injury Reports

Michael Young

1) I already explained in previous posts that Michael Young has strained his left hamstring, which should keep him out of the lineup for 2-3 weeks.
Josh Hamilton
2) Josh Hamilton has reportedly been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in his back. He has received an injection of anti-inflammatory medication to help with the inflammation. See, I had a feeling that this wasn’t just a sore muscle that would go away. This could be something that gives Josh some trouble in the future, especially if he just tries to play through the pain.
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
3) After receiving reports a few days ago that Jarrod Saltalamacchia had been “shut down” by the pain and numbness from Thorasic Outlet Syndrome and that he might have to have “season-ending surgery,” the Rangers have now activated Salty from the DL. He will be available for use as a pinch-hitter, designated hitter, or emergency catcher, and he will wait to have surgery until after the season is over. So then why did they call up Kevin Richardson??
Beau Vaughn’s Blog (Beau Knows Diddly)
Beau Vaughn
I talked about Beau Vaughn’s Blog a few days ago and how hilariously irreverent it is. Well, after he found out that Craig Gentry was being called up to the Bigs the other night, Beau immediately interviewed CG for his blog. And it was great! Jamey Newberg (The Newberg Report blog) even recommended it on his blog, even though he said it was “[n]ot as safe for children as most of his previous entries.”
Craig Gentry
Jamey was right; it was a bit more irreverent than usual, but it was awesome! But it was only up for 14 hours before ‘the man’ insisted that it be taken down. Beau had to apologize because “the subject matter was inappropriate for this forum” and because he “misrepresented the Texas Rangers.” He also apparently got in trouble because the team hadn’t issued a press release officially announcing the roster move.
I think that’s crap! I mean, they came to Beau and asked him to do this blog. Did they not know his personality before they asked him to do this? If they wanted somebody who wouldn’t curse or talk about lewd and inappropriate things, why didn’t they ask someone else?
Okay, it’s true that this blog would be more appropriate on myspace or somewhere else. But I still think it’s hilarious.

It’s September 1st…

…and that means that the Rangers are expanding to a 40-man roster! I’ve read from several sources that the Rangers are definitely adding pitchers Guillermo Moscoso and Warner Madrigal, who are already on the 40-man roster. Eddie Guardado and Esteban German will also be reactivated from the 15-day DL, but they were already on the 40-man roster too. Willie Eyre (also on the 40-man) will probably be called up in a few days as well, but he was optioned to AAA last week and has to wait 10 days before being called back up.

But some other names have been mentioned that will have to be added to the 40-man roster, and I’m not sure who the Rangers are planning on dropping to make room.

Craig Gentry, an outfielder from AA Frisco, has reportedly been called up, as well as catcher Kevin Richardson from AAA Oklahoma City. And pitcher Brandon McCarthy has been on the 60-day DL (and thus not on the 40-man roster), but he’s being activated too.

So who will the Rangers drop? Thomas Diamond or Omar Poveda? They’re both AA pitchers that the Rangers have on their 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft. Or Luis Mendoza? He threw a no-hitter in AAA a few weeks ago. Max Ramirez or Jarrod Saltalamacchia? I guess it’s possible that they could add Salty to the 60-day DL, which would drop him from the 40-man. Joaquin Arias? He didn’t do too well during his stint in the Bigs this year. Brandon Boggs or Greg Golson? Boggs has big league experience, so they’ll probably be calling him back up.

But why did they call up an outfielder from AA? I mean, sure, he’s a great AA player, but is he ready for the Bigs? We already had 5 outfielders on the 25-man roster, as well as 2 more on the 40-man and another one on the 15-day DL. Hmm…